Higher prices by purchasing as corruption
Lower prices by purchasing as hint?
Higher prices by sales as risk?
Lower prices by sales as corruption
Differences by stocktaking
Theft, Embezzlement, Fraud, Manipulation
Personal waive a claim for premiums in due
Increased commissions for sales as hint?
Striking periods and material items
Queries with Oracle, SQL, MySql, Access
Operation Research with Excel-Solver
SAP Customizig Audit
SAP Operating System Audit
SAP Authority Rights Audit
SAP Performance Audit
EDP Strategy
Computer Center Audit
Nets and Connections
IT Security
Implementing of ERP systems
MA/Due-Diligence Projects
Purchasing, Procurement, Logistics
Accounting & Controlling
Production & Maintenance
Sales & Marketing
Human Ressources
Data protection according to BDSG law
Price Check & Market Research
Purchasing Prices Check
Sales Price Check
Prices of ERP Systems, Soft-/ Hardware, Components

Internal audit, IT audit (EDP audit), strategic audit, project audit, procurement audit, MA/DD audit and preventive as well as fraud detection audit against corruption and abuse, price-check-audit. Country-specific corruption and "black cash" prevention systems...How can we help you?

We help you to distinguish the usual data and conspicuousness (distinctive feature), market-conditional increasing prices and price manipulations, to examine customizing of your software and to avoid unnecessary examinations and through that to halve examination times. Our EDV analytics before, during or after an audit examination to generate fast and better "findings", that is our main competence! Here some of our audit services...

Achieving a high rate and more quickly with a purposeful, EDV-prepared riskoriented sample. This is the goal!

We develope (backwords) approximation lines, that even the price development understand and the periods to be analyzed. The outliers who normally can show unprofitable spots or fraud actions are about the tolerance to be determined individually.

Our software-tool: All information in a step! The striking amounts (from of to), periods (from of to), products, supplier (according to depth of the data even up to the name of the employee), "price distance" to the "most favorable" supplier, questionable price variances without explainable amount changes, considerable amount changes without the price changes to be expected and many, many more points!

RE trough corn cockle linear regression straight line that is in the situation, unlike the average, also unstable developments of the past to consider and to calculate in a way out. They see in the picture: In the Middle the regression straight line, upper/lower line tolerance values (up to these deviations you can processes than strikingly" do not define), here an example with 3 outliers that represent a random sample proposal.

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